Friday, November 22, 2013

That fateful November day

I keep hearing: "Do you know where you were that fateful day in November"? I was not born yet, but do fully realize November 22nd was a pivotal day in history and in everyone's lives. It also brought about a new form of journalism that had not been done before. Reporting news live, as it was unfolding in front of our eyes was absolutely unforgettable. Living in the Dallas region now the news has highlighted this day for months and deservedly so. 

I have two things in common with JFK, well sort of, in like a six degrees of separation way, maybe. Another fateful day in November occurred in 1994. My first date with my husband happened in Dallas, in November, and...he took me to Dealey Plaza and The School Book Depository. Yes, our first date included a history lesson. Kevin and I went to high school together, and though we never dated in high school we were just friends who had World History together.  Yes, we are rich in history. We reconnected 10 years after high school even though he was living in Dallas and I was still a home town girl, well woman I guess, since I was already blessed with two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Natalie. So yes, I dated, then married a high school friend; which then brought about the results of our girls each marrying one of their high school friends. History is all abound in Dallas, in November. I try to be mindful of the fact you just never know what history is evolving right now, around you.

My sweet family. Natalie & Nick on the left with Jessica & Terry on the right.

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